1. Talfighe Mina and Khatame Hooshmand Inc.

    Our company`s goods include artful handicrafts that are one of a kind. Aesthetic intaglio workmanship along with exquisite enamel work done on metals mainly copper, portray the soul of this company. Our unique sales items can be seen on our official website. The good news is that buyers have an opportunity to become part of our marketing team by introducing other buyers who could also be engaged in the company`s money-making plans. As you introduce more and more buyers into our network, your income potential will increase tremendously. Our international network marketing plan has been perfected by the company`s CEO who has many years of experience in sales, marketing and management. As you read more about our marketing system in the following pages, you become aware of our proven methods in marketing, in customer care and of course in making lucrative income. Our artistically-made handicrafts speak for themselves so join us and grow with us.

    Articles of association:
    1) Our money-making plan requires that participants be over 18 years of age. In case of a purchase by minors, they cannot take part in our marketing system.
    2) Our business lies within the private sector and has no affiliations with state agencies.
    3) Participants must enter their correct personal information at the time of registration on our website. Marketing reps take full responsibility for incorrect entry of personal information details. Id names and passwords must not be shared with other reps or other people.
    4) Customers as well as marketing reps should file their complaints on our website. If their grievances remain unanswered, they could contact the CEO directly.
    5) There are two purchasing options available on our site—cash or installment. The price of each item or a set of items is: 1,500,000 tomans that equals to around 420 dollars. When a purchase is done on installment, 1/3 of the total price is paid up front (500,000 tomans or 140 dollars) and the rest is paid out through your commission or income during the period of the installment. For more information refer to the company`s money-making plan. In the case of installment purchase, after the last payment the company ships the item(s) to the customer who is also the marketing rep within ten days. Of course all the payments are deducted from the rep`s commissions. In the case of cash purchase, the company ships the item(s) within ten days after the purchase has been confirmed.
    6) If the buyers (reps), within six months of their purchase, aren`t able to make good on their payments through their commission in our money-making system or pay in full the purchase price and decide to give up their positions in our network marketing, the company will ship them item(s) that are 1/3 of the size of the item in question. And if these buyers decide to re-join the company at a later time, they should begin with a new purchasing position within the company. Since some of the goods would lose their artistic beauty if made in smaller proportions, the company reserves the right to replace such items with those that could be made in smaller size (having the same value) and deliver them to buyers who aren`t able to pay the full price of the original items. In case the buyers purchase a handicraft set that includes three or more pieces and won`t be able to make good on the payments whether cash or through commission, The company will ship only certain pieces of such set which would be commensurate to the original payment of 500,000 tomans or 140 dollars.
    7) The responsibilities of placing orders, delivery of goods, handing in notices (quitting the company) and so on falls on the marketing reps.
    8) All the company`s goods can only be sold through our official website. No reps are allowed to sell items to other buyers outside of the website. Moreover, false advertising regarding company`s products or goods is prohibited. Marketing reps must place their orders after being completely aware of the prices, quality of goods and company`s money-making system. Selling strategies outside of company guidelines are considered violations of company rules.
    9) Since each buyer is able to have at the most three main positions in our money-making plan, he/she is able to purchase three items (individual or set) on installment. Moreover, such items could be three of the same items or sets and in this case if the buyer cannot meet his/her obligation to pay off the full price within six months of the purchase or decides to leave our network marketing system, the company will add all the three down payments paid by the buyer and ship to him/her one of the purchased items or sets in full.
    10) Each buyer after paying all the payments through commission and receiving his/her item or set of items, can again purchase other items whose down payment as well as the subsequent payments are deducted from the buyer`s commission meaning the buyer`s first commission will be deducted in full (400,000 tomans or 115 dollars) for the next purchase after all the payments of the previous purchase has been made. This process shall continue as long as you keep adding buyers to your group that moves upward in relation to your position. Our concept of network marketing places your group(s) upward which is the opposite of the usual network marketing where group(s) of the marketing reps moves downward.
    11) In order to participate in the division of money-making plan, buyers can have at the most six purchasing positions under one name. Out of these six positions, three are called main positions and the other three are called special positions. The explanations regarding the activation of all six positions are given in the money-making section.
    12) The company and its marketing reps must refrain from any claims and promises that could mislead the buyers who could possibly turn into marketing reps.
    13) If customers decide to acquire three main purchasing positions on the company`s website, they should know that all their three positions could reach the limit of income gained. The daily limit of income for each purchasing position is 2,000,000 tomans or 570 dollars not taking into account the commission that flows in from your indirect customers—buyers who are introduced by reps whom you have introduced. This means the more effort you put forward, the more advantage you will have in making money.
    14) The contract form which is available on our website, must be signed by the buyer and the rep introducing the buyer and be printed in three copies after the purchase has been made. One copy stays with the buyer, the rep keeps another copy and the third copy must be sent to company`s headquarters by the rep. Until a copy is delivered to our headquarters or any of its affiliate offices that will be officially introduced in the future on the website, the rep in question cannot receive his/her commission. At the end of each week when the company calculates the commission of new buyers, all the new buyers  will be contacted from the headquarters in order to find out about their training methods, their purchases and their level of satisfaction. There are several reasons as to why it is important that the company needs to retain a copy of the contract:
    a) All the conditions of purchasing and the instances of commission payment are described in the contract so that when a rep fails to do his duty, the buyers themselves would be able to see and realize all the conditions and rules of the company so that in the future no problems could arise for the buyers as well as the company.
    b) Since the company is responsible for all activities such as methods of selling, commission payment, and customer satisfaction, the company must independently manage all the transactions relating to groups of buyers and also must make sure that each buyer is totally aware of the company`s operations.
    c)By having an information database on all the buyers, the company is able to notify its reps regarding company`s future plans such as mailing newsletters, holding conferences and meetings and so on.
    d) The most important reason for the company, is to be certain that when marketing reps who aren`t perhaps able to bring in buyers into our network, couldn`t claim that the conditions were not explained to them completely.
    15) After the contract is officially signed, all marketing reps must begin the activity of marketing our products. The company allocates 20,000 tomans or 7 dollars to each rep who introduces a buyer to a purchasing position, who would then be placed in your main purchasing positions. This money is to facilitate the registration cost and the mailing of the contract which the rep is supposed to do. When you introduce someone from your special positions, there is a bonus of 400,000 tomans or 115 dollars for a purchase of 1,500,000 tomans or 420 dollars. This amount is paid only to the rep who introduces the buyer(s) directly. When you introduce a buyer from the special section, such purchasing position would be displayed in red color becausefrom this position, only the direct introducer would receive the commission. However, if the buyer (who has entered your special position) introduces more buyers, the money would go not only to the direct introducer but also to the persons connected all the way down to the origin of the group. Our website provides the pictures and proportions of all the items and sets. A click on the image, would bring up all the details.
    16) Since all the goods in our site are handicrafts, the design work that you have ordered may occasionally be different than the one shipped to you. The reason is, a handicraft master does not continue one type of design work for long. Of course we will do our best to remove the pictures of discontinued designs from our website and upload the new designs. But since on our website purchasing takes place 24 hours a day and all over the world, surely in some cases our staff may not be able to remove pictures of the sold-out goods in time. It is important to know that all the replaced items are of the same price and therefore the buyers won`t lose any money.
    17) On our website all the goods are presented with competitive prices compared to handicraft stores, however our prices are higher than the manufacturers. With regard to the principles of network marketing that is based on the elimination of the middle man where the buyers are able to share the money that would be imposed upon them by the middle man, this company also allocates a percentage of the profit according to a special money-making system to the buyers who introduce other buyers into our network. The full description of our commission plan is given in the section of the money-making system.
    18) Each buyer is required to pay a shipping fee of 40,000 tomans or 7 dollars. Upon delivery, buyers should make sure that their items are in good condition and refuse to accept item(s) that are damaged or are different than the ordered item(s). Marketing reps should focus their attention on selling goods rather than becoming absorbed in the company`s methods of commission payment plan. International shipping fees are based on daily exchange rates.
    19) It is very important to know that when purchases are made, they can be cancelled no later than the midnight (11:59 pm) of the same day. For example, if the purchase is made at 5:00 am you have 19 hours to cancel and if it is made 1t 9:00 pm you have three hours. Upon cancellation within the mentioned time limit, the buyer gets 100% of his/her money. However, due to the calculation of the commission for the group, no cancellation can take place after the time limit. Moreover, all transactions are done through electronic banking system. Cash payments are against company rules. For security reasons do not make your bank account information available to other buyers or reps and because of this, only the buyer must furnish his/her account information at the time of purchase. What has been mention above is also true for international buyers. Our site is equipped with international e-banking logos as well.
    20) We are very hopeful that all you dear buyers would be able to make high income in our company through our website. Our aim is business only so anyone from any part of the world which has business relations with our country, could start purchasing from our website and participate in our money-making system. Our company has a global view.
    21) The company is obligated to purchase shares with 18% of its income. These shares must as far as possible include crafts that relate to company`s trade. The company is allowed to only purchase shares within Iran. All these shares are company`s financial backing and as long as the company is in business, it is supposed to increase the number of such shares so that it could guarantee to obtain customers` goods. In other words, the company can guarantee the delivery of all goods to all customers. As long as the company is doing business, it cannot sell any of these shares. Moreover, the company is obligated to buy more shares out of probable profit gained by such shares. Even when the company won`t be able to continue its business for any reason, it cannot sell its shares until all customers, who have made a purchase from the company, receive their goods in full. Then and only then, the company can decide on what to do about its shares. Since all the shares are bought through company profit, the company has a right to sell its shares once it opts  not to continue with its activities and also when all its obligations have been met regarding the delivery of all goods to customers. The company can use the profit that the shares would yield, in any way that benefits the company. For example, it may choose to build a Cineplex without having any financial expectation if the profit gained from the shares amounts to such enterprise.
    We hope to be at your service for the years to come.