1. Rules and Regulations

    Dear buyer or marketing rep please read the following points carefully in order to take full advantage of the services offered at Talfighe Mina and Khatame Hooshmand Inc.

    •    When buyers or reps enter our website, they agree completely with the rules and conditions of the company. Furthermore, all previous agreements are subject to such rules and conditions.

    •    Keep in mind that all the principles and methods of Talfighe Mina and Khatame Hooshmand Inc. correspond with the electronic commerce methods.With respect to reasonable prices, quality of goods and lucrative money-making system, we will do our best to serve and protect our customers all over the world.

    •    Whenin the future, changes occur to the laws, policies and services of Talfighe Mina and Khatame Hooshmand Inc., such changes would appear on this page after being updated. Moreover, if there are changes in the prices of goods, marketing reps collectively have to abide by the new prices and the company will not allow any objections.

    •    Definitions of "buyer" and "marketing rep" are as follow:
    The buyer or customer is a person who makes an on-line purchase of any kind from the company store through his/her user information that has been entered on the registration form.
    The marketing rep is a buyer who is interested in joining the company`s money-making system as well as a person who will make an on-line purchase form company store by way of an existing user (a buyer who has made a purchase already) who introduces him/her.

    •    After your purchase has been made, you would have your own virtual office on company`s website where you will be able to do your marketing activities and join the other marketing reps already at work in our network marketing team at Talfighe Mina and Khatame Hooshmand Inc. Furthermore, all marketing reps will receive massages regarding events and services of the company in our messaging section on the website.

    •    All the marketing reps or customers should communicate their needs or questions through the following email addresses:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    •    Talfighe Mina and Khatame Hooshmand Inc. puts great emphasis on privacy rights by respecting and protecting all the personal information of the users (reps or customers) who do business on our website.

    •    Company property: All available sources and services on the website of Talfighe Mina and Khatame Hooshmand Inc., such as logos, trademarks, textual materials and explanations, graphics, emblems, data and everything else provided on the website of Talfighe Honar, are considered company assets and the company reserves the right to exclusively use and publish such assets. Any use of the mentioned assets without company`s written consent, will lead to legal prosecution.

    •    Working Hours: Talfighe Mina and Khatame Hooshmand Inc. offers services 24 hours a day through its official website. However, Customer or rep questions and other concerns is done through company emails as well as through phone calls or in person visits that should be done from 10 am to 3 pm Tehran standard time.

    •    Buyers or reps who make purchases through installment plan and pay the down payment for the selected item(s), the company thereafter will purchase their item(s) from the manufacturer(s) and would hold on to the item(s) until the installments are paid in full and with the completion of the last payment, the company will deliver the item(s) tothe buyers or the reps in question.

    •    Goods availability: Talfighe Mina and Khatame Hooshmand Inc. reserves the right to discontinue all or part of the offered goods on the website due to production trend or any other reason.